PUMPKINS were the theme of our Reception pupils’ learning adventures at King’s Ely Acremont Pre-Prep the week before half term.

The children learnt their second poem, ‘Five Little Pumpkins’, from ‘The Poetry Basket’ and they enjoyed reciting it throughout the week, complete with actions, to anyone that popped into their classrooms!

After sharing ideas about what they might find when they lifted the lid cut into each pumpkin, the children worked in pairs to investigate exactly what is inside a pumpkin. They were encouraged to use their hands or spoons to explore the texture of the flesh, pith and seeds – some were more willing than others to get their hands slimy!

Helen Cooper’s ‘Pumpkin Soup’ is a firm favourite at any time of the year, and is especially appropriate in Autumn. The children enjoyed the story several times, and they read it and watched Mrs Littlechild add the ingredients to her slow cooker as the story progressed. The soup cooked slowly and smelt wonderful as the day went on.

That afternoon, the children gathered to watch the cooked soup being blended to make it smooth. It was lovely to see that everyone was prepared to at least try some and many children agreed that it tasted delicious!

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