CHILDREN at King’s Ely Acremont turned into mini crime scene investigators under the watchful eye of a local PCSO.

Year 1 pupils at King’s Ely Acremont entered one of the classrooms to discover a Goldilocks and the Three Bears themed ‘crime scene’. Someone had stolen the porridge and the curious youngsters were tasked with searching for clues to try and determine who may have committed such a ‘crime’!

Local PCSO Deronal paid the school a visit to support the children with their investigation, giving them plenty of tips on what sort of clues to look out for, such as fingerprints and footprints. After completing a thorough search, the children then headed outside to see the police car that PCSO Deronal had arrived in and, much to their delight, were able to hear the siren and see the blue lights flashing. Pupils and staff will now be making ‘wanted posters’ and liaising further with PCSO Deronal in a bid to track down the porridge thief.

New terms at King’s Ely Acremont always start with a ‘wow’ day to introduce a new topic: a stimulation that inspires curiosity and fires a child’s natural interest and enthusiasm. Learning is brought to life throughout the term with the help of hands-on experiences, visits from experts and exciting trips. As a result, our pupils develop learning habits which stick with them throughout their King’s Ely journey, taking great pride in their achievements along the way.

Interim Head of King’s Ely Acremont, Celia Etchegoyen, said: “PCSO Deronal inspired the children from start to finish. She encouraged them to investigate the clues left at the crime scene to help them discover that it was Goldilocks who had stolen the porridge. A wonderful day was had by all!”

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