CONGRATULATIONS to Old Elean, Yinni Hu, who has graduated from Somerville College, University of Oxford, with a First in BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

Yinni, who is from Oslo, Norway, joined King’s Ely as a boarder in Year 12 in 2015. She secured a place at Oxford in 2017 after achieving three A*s and an A in her A Levels.

Yinni, who was a House Prefect, School Prefect, Deputy Head of School and Queen’s Scholar during her two years at King’s Ely, says that leaving Norway to study in the UK was “more than a little terrifying” but that it was “one of the best choices she ever made”.

We had a quick catch-up with Yinni after hearing her good news:

Yinni, what have you enjoyed most about your degree?

“I loved my subject and really enjoyed the amount of freedom I was given in choosing modules and topics that I was particularly interested in. The highlight of Oxford however, was definitely the people I met along the way – whether that’s my amazing friends who were always there to support me through my essay crises, or my brilliant tutors who constantly challenged and encouraged me to examine and reassess my ideas and opinions.”

How do you think King’s Ely prepared you for university life?

“My unforgettable time at King’s Ely definitely made the transition to university a lot easier. My Sixth Form teachers always encouraged me to think critically and to take responsibility for my own learning and growth – this definitely helped prepare me for university, where there were suddenly much fewer contact hours and a greater expectation for students to take the initiative and to work independently. Living as a boarder in Hill House also prepared me in the best way possible for living with my fellow students in a college community. It was my first experience of having a home away from home, and as such, made it so much easier to settle into yet another new environment.”

In what ways has Covid-19 affected your celebrations?

“Our graduation ceremonies had to be postponed and so did the celebrations my friends and I had planned for our last weeks at uni. However, this situation has also meant that I’ve been able to spend a really lovely time together with my family. It’s been years since I’ve been home for such a long period of time, so I’m really happy to have that chance now!”

What do you plan on doing next?

“I’m excited to be starting work in London after the summer, joining the Civil Service Fast Stream as a policy advisor.”

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