KING’S Ely’s King’s and Queen’s Scholars of 2017 have been appointed.

Each year, up to twelve students in Year 12 are nominated as King’s Scholars (boys) or Queen’s Scholars (girls). They become members of the Cathedral Foundation, strengthening the special link between King’s Ely and the cathedral.

King’s Scholars were inaugurated by Henry VIII in 1541 and Queen’s Scholars at the request of Queen Elizabeth II in 1973. There is no application process for these honorary Scholarships, the positions instead being awarded according to pupils’ GCSE results.

This year’s King’s and Queen’s Scholars are Benita Bausbacher, Maria Campbell, Jasmine Choudhry, Tobias Dunlop Brown, Rebecca Garrett, Felix Hawes, Holly Lancaster, Jenna Richards, Carlotta Rosenthal, Zoe Wheelwright and William White.

As ever, the Admission of Scholars’ Service saw the whole school and the Scholars’ proud families coming together in the glorious setting of Ely Cathedral. The Scholars received their distinctive red gowns, the colour traditionally associated with royalty, and the service featured hymns, readings and prayers.

The service was followed by Evensong and the evening ended with a splendid ‘Visitors’ Feast’ when King’s Ely staff, governors and families came together in the school’s Monastic Barn to celebrate the achievements of the newly appointed Scholars.

In addition to the King’s and Queen’s Scholars, Melody Leung has also been appointed an International Scholar this year.

Principal of King’s Ely, Sue Freestone, said: “We are tremendously proud of our Scholars and all that they have achieved. The blatant celebration of academic achievement silently proclaimed by the red gown is a hall mark of King’s Ely.”

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