KING’S Ely Sixth Form leaver, Natalie Youssef, is off to the University of Sheffield after achieving the A Level results she needed.

Natalie, 18, achieved an A* in Fine Art, an A in Physics and an A in Maths. Her chosen degree is Architecture.

Natalie, who joined King’s Ely Senior in Year 9, is taking a gap year before starting at Sheffield. She said: “I am currently working in a warehouse in Sutton, just outside Ely, packing for Fortnum & Mason and I will be there until late December. In January, I will be heading off on a mission trip for six months with the organisation, YWAM (Youth With A Mission). I will spend the first three months in Honolulu, Hawaii, training and then the next three months in East Asia putting into practice what I have learnt and helping the people out there.”

Speaking about what career path she would like to pursue, Natalie said: “I’d like to become an architect. I don’t know which type of architecture I would like to specialise in yet, but I’d like to design buildings with the purpose of helping people in some way and have a positive impact on their lives. If I could bring it into missionary work somehow, that would be the dream.”

Speaking about her time at King’s, Natalie said: “During my time at King’s, I tried to get involved in a variety of activities. Since joining King’s, my love for walking has grown so much. In Year 9, I went on the Level 1 Hill Walking trip and then through taking up the Duke of Edinburgh Awards (Bronze, Silver and working towards my Gold), I did several expeditions which challenged me but made me find this new love for walking.

“After giving Hockey and Cricket a go and deciding it wasn’t for me in Year 9, I discovered the Swimming Team and I was part of it right the way through to the end of Year 13. I loved being part of the Swimming Team because it was always so much fun and everyone was really supportive.

“On a more creative note, I took part in the musical ‘Grease’ when I was in Year 10 which was a lot of fun, and I was a member of the Chapel Choir since literally my first day at King’s. I also achieved the Bronze Arts Award in Year 10. During my time in Sixth Form, I had the opportunity to be a Prefect and Head of my House, Torfrida, which I am very grateful for since I was able to develop my leadership skills, even though it was rather difficult during the pandemic.

“Another major part of my King’s experience was being a part of the Christian Union. I joined the CU in my very early days at King’s and have loved it ever since. I have seen it in so many different stages with a variety of different formats and people, but I am so grateful to have been a part of it and for the friendships I have made through it.”

Speaking about the teaching at King’s, Natalie said: “I really couldn’t speak more highly of my teachers and all the other staff at King’s. They all invested so much time into not only making time to help me academically in class and in their spare time, but they also really took the time to get to know me as a person, help me grow, help me prepare for University interviews and portfolios, and talk some sense into me when I got a little stressed.”

When asked what she will miss most about King’s, Natalie said: “King’s offered me so many opportunities that I wouldn’t have had if I had stayed at the school I was at, and King’s introduced me to so many amazing people and new things which I will cherish for the rest of my life. I will really miss the supportive and encouraging environment that the staff and my peers created. There was always someone to approach if I had a question or a concern. I will miss being a part of a fun, enthusiastic and focused community. Everyone was so encouraging and always wanted the best for me.”

Congratulations Natalie, enjoy your gap year and keep in touch!

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