Our Year 2 pupils arrived back at school last week to discover some rather mysterious items dotted around the garden!

A half-eaten apple, some sticks, some bricks, a little pile of straw, a pumpkin, porridge, a basket of goodies… Who on earth had visited King’s Ely Acremont Pre-Prep during the Christmas break?

With the help of some clues from Mr Dean and Miss Seymour, the children soon concluded that their special visitors must have been characters from traditional tales. What an exciting way to kick-start their new topic for the term – ‘Not So Traditional Tales’!

Back in the classroom, our Year 2s have been reading a variety of traditional tales and some of their modern adaptations. The children have been learning how to summarise stories and re-tell them in only five sentences, and they have compared some of the features of different stories. The children have also created maps to help guide Hansel and Gretel through the forest, creating symbols and a key to make it clear for them.

New terms at Acremont Pre-Prep always start with a ‘wow day’ to introduce the children’s new learning topics – just like The Animal Experience visit last week, which launched our Reception classes’ new topic, ‘Biomes: Exploring Biodiversity’!

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