OLIVIA Petherick, who is Housemistress of Goodwin, and Teacher of English and Maths at King’s Ely Junior, climbed her first mountain during the summer holidays!

In true Mrs Petherick fashion, if you are going to climb your first mountain, why not choose Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK!

She said: “After spending four years teaching pupils in the Junior School about mountains, I felt that it was time to discover one myself. It was great to challenge myself but it was so steep and so high! Spending almost 100% of my life living below sea level means I get awful altitude sickness. 100 metres from the top I very, very nearly gave up. The drop in temperature was significant too; 16 degrees at the bottom and minus 1 degrees with wind chill at the top.”

Well done, Mrs Petherick – it’s great to see you wore your King’s Ely jacket for the climb too!

Have you or your child done something during the summer holidays that has made you/them smile, pushed you/them out of your/their comfort zone, or made you/they feel accomplished?

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