TALENTED King’s Ely Senior student Ella Hao scored gold in this year’s Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad.

Ella, 15, qualified for the competition after scoring gold in the Intermediate Maths Challenge, which took place earlier this year. This in itself was a great achievement as only the top six per cent of the 200,000 school pupils who enter receive a gold certificate.

Ella’s score placed her in the top 1.5 per cent nationally so she was also invited to attend the UK Mathematics Trust (UKMT) Summer School. The summer school is designed for young people with an interest in mathematics. It aims to promote mathematical thinking and provides an opportunity for participants to meet other students and adults who enjoy maths.

Ella went on to compete in the Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad in March, the results of which have just been announced. Her results were within the top 100, which again saw Ella winning a gold medal.

King’s Ely Senior student Joe Lau, 15, also qualified for the Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad and achieved a distinction.

On the same day, Eleanor MacGillivray, 13, who is a pupil at King’s Ely Junior, sat the European Kangaroo maths paper a year earlier than expected after she too scored gold in the Intermediate Maths Challenge.

Only one in 400 students qualify to take part in the European Kangaroo competition and Eleanor’s score, again only recently announced, was in the top 25 per cent nationally, which saw her winning a merit.

Head of Mathematics at King’s Ely, Audrienne Bezzina, commented: “Ella, Eleanor and Joe did exceptionally well and we all very proud of their achievements.”

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