KING’S Ely Senior is proud to be celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month this February.

The theme of LGBTQ+ History Month this year is ‘The Personal is Political’ and our students and staff are getting involved in a number of ways.

Ben Allen, Deputy Head of English and our LGBTQ+ Inclusion Lead, said: “At King’s, students continue to take pride in their ability to be empathetic and celebrate each individual achievement. LGBTQ+ History Month offers another unique opportunity for us to reflect on how we can celebrate difference through various forms.

“2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the very first UK Pride March (1972), so this is a particularly special and noteworthy time for celebration and raising awareness. Last year we hosted our first online celebration of LGBTQ+ History Month. I was so impressed by the contributions from students in providing digital lectures and working together to become strong and meaningful ‘Allies’, whilst they learnt about the Stonewall Uprising and key historical figures, like Alan Turing.

“This year, we continue our celebrations of diverse history under the subject focus of art and the slogan ‘The Personal is Political’, encouraging us to consider how personal rights can quickly become issues of political debate. This was touched upon in our recent Inclusion Workshop for Year 10, 11 and 12 students, where they learnt more about the 2010 Equality Act and how all people in British Society have the right to be protected from discrimination.”

Our students will be celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month in a variety of ways:

▪️ A poster campaign on LGBTQ+ figures and role models.
▪️ A lunchtime lecture on LGBTQ+ figures in videogames across time.
▪️ An art exhibition competition around diverse themes.
▪️ An LGBTQ+ themed literature section in our Porta Library.
▪️ Articles focusing on LGBTQ+ history in our KEStrel magazine.
▪️ Designing a badge for the 2023 LGBTQ+ History Month celebrations.

Mr Allen said: “Events and activities like these are invaluable in helping students to build empathy and an understanding of perspectives different to their own. I look forward to seeing how students get involved, whether this is attending one of the lunchtime lectures or simply taking the time to learn about potential role models through viewing posters around school.”

We look forward to celebrating our LGBTQ+ celebrations with you over the coming weeks!

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