Legal Consultant, Russell Robinson, gave an entertaining and thought-provoking talk about criminal law to our Year 13 students.

Russell is a Consultant for Lawtons Criminal Defence Solicitors, a leading regional criminal practice in the South-East, but he also delivers fascinating talks to schools and other organisations about criminal law and motoring law.

Russell has practised criminal law for over 25 years, representing countless clients in the police station, at the Magistrates’ and Youth Courts, and also in the Crown Court. Through his criminal law talk, Russell aims to educate young people about the pitfalls created by the law before they get into trouble, rather than afterwards.

Russell’s talk was organised through our Personal, Social, Health and Economic education (PSHE) programme. Sue-Ellen Godde, our Head of PSHE, said: “Young people are often uninformed about the law and the repercussions around their actions. Russell’s talk was very entertaining and effective. He left us with a very clear message – ‘Ignorance is no Defence’.”

Thank you for your time Russell!

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