EIGHT of King’s Ely Senior’s Year 9 and 10 mathematicians visited Oundle School just before the end of term to attend the Mathematical Enrichment Conference.

In the morning, those students in attendance took part in three fascinating activities designed to enhance their knowledge of prime numbers, Euclid and the irrational number e, as well as learn how to do quick multiplication and squaring of large numbers in their heads in under five seconds!

After lunch, students and teachers then attended a talk by Dr Colin Wright all about juggling and the Maths behind it. Even though the talk featured juggling, the presentation was really about Science and Mathematics, how they work, what they mean, and why they are important.

Head of Mathematics at King’s Ely Senior, Audrienne Bezzina, said: “Both students and teachers listened to Dr Wright’s talk and were fascinated to see some juggling with five balls. The whole event was fantastic and was thoroughly enjoyed by our students.”

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