KING’S Ely student Holly Lancaster is another step closer to being selected for the Great British Rowing Junior Team.

Holly, 16, a student at King’s Ely Senior, was invited to compete in the Great British Rowing Junior Team trials in Lincolnshire earlier this year. Holly was encouraged to enter after she exceeded her 5km GB erg target and the trials saw the top J16 and J18 rowers from across the country competing over two days.

Holly, who is from Ely, was ranked as the 5th fastest single sculler at the event and has now been selected for the GB Rowing Junior Under 16 Camp, which takes place in Nottingham at the start of April.

In a letter to Head of Rowing at King’s Ely Senior, Mark Beer, GB Rowing said Holly and other scullers attending the camp have “demonstrated that they might be of the standard to be considered for the World Rowing Junior Championships/Coupe de la Jeunesse in 2018 or 2019”. The letter adds: “The camp has been organised to help these scullers achieve this standard. The aim of the camp is to enable the leading J16 scullers to train alongside each other and to allow them to see the standard necessary to be successful on the GB Rowing Team’s pathway to international representation.”

Commenting on Holly’s achievements, Mr Beer said: “We are really pleased with the progress Holly is making with her rowing. Holly is a highly motivated individual and works hard to excel both in the classroom and on the water. Holly is developing into a future leader within the boat club and we know she will return from the GB Camp with a renewed focus on the next stage of her rowing development.”

Following the GB Camp, Holly will fly out to Holland to join the King’s Ely Rowing Camp before competing in the Ghent International Spring Regatta on April 8th and 9th.

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