There is a huge range of leadership opportunities in the Sixth Form, starting not least with leading by example in conduct, appearance, work ethic, commitment and demeanour. The Sixth Form influence on the tone and character of school life is further enhanced by involvement and management of co-curricular activities across the entire school spectrum: captaining sports teams, instructing for Ely Scheme, gaining positions of responsibility within the creative arts (including management of dramatic productions), debating and specific performing music groups.

There is a positive and healthy tradition of retaining strong links at the top of day and boarding houses. House prefects assist their Housemasters, Housemistresses and tutors in the smooth running of their Houses’ daily routine and in the participation in or captaining of House events and competitions.

Some members of the Sixth Form take their commitment to public duty further by applying for the positions of School prefect and/or Deputy Heads and Heads of School. Applications are invited by letter and a long-list created following an initial written case study assignment in the January of Year 12. A short-list of 30 possible School Prefects is then invited in the second half of the Lent Term to an off-site weekend residential selection course (from a Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon) managed by an external public relations company, honing team-building and leadership skills.

The selection of the prefect team together with the appointment of Heads and Deputy Heads of School then continues and the appointments are confirmed by the start of the Summer Term.