Our vibrant boarding community lies at the heart of King’s Ely. British and international students from around the world are able to live, work and socialise together, sharing all aspects of school and boarding house life. Young adults leave King’s Ely confident in their ability to communicate readily and easily with those from different cultures and backgrounds and to take their place in an interconnected, globalised world.

The dynamic boarding environment at King’s Ely encourages pupils to live their lives to the full. This could be competing in an inter-House sports match, acting in a drama production or singing in a choir in Ely Cathedral. Boarders appreciate what it means to be part of a highly supportive community and actively encourage each other to achieve their potential. Living and growing together, students understand how their actions affect others; they learn to be considerate and tolerant of different views as well as resilient to the challenges that life and learning can bring.

At King’s Ely, we are extremely proud that our boarding houses, some of which date back to the Middle Ages, reflect the world in the 21st century. The rich cultural diversity that our students from 40 different countries bring to our community is a cause for celebration.