At King’s Ely, we firmly believe that teaching and learning is not simply about the absorption of information, as prescribed by examination boards, governmental bodies and the like, but about how to learn, become resilient, tap into creativity and create meaningful questions. We encourage children to be responsible, independent and courageous, aiming to ensure that children leave school every day feeling excited, enthused and inspired.

The process of extending and enriching students requires both an appreciation of the abilities of the individuals and a range of strategies employed to excite and inspire each one to achieve. This may be through the application of ideas to new situations (Enrichment) or through intellectual extension beyond what is required (Extension).

At King’s Ely, we provide opportunities for Extension and Enrichment regularly throughout the curriculum; from Bletchley Park to Sutton Hoo, forensics to heart-lung dissection, famous authors to House debating competitions, music composition to literary competitions. We develop critical thinking and Information Literacy skills through project work at various points in both the Junior and Senior sections of the school.

Children are extended at an appropriate level throughout. In King’s Ely Senior, alongside the pressure of national external examinations, trips are organised; visits to museums, universities, local landmarks and companies. Professionals from the outside world come to visit and assist in our lessons. Subject departments enter and score highly in national competitions. The Big Thinking Club, a weekly cross-disciplinary meeting of student minds, runs every Friday lunchtime, and an enormous range and number of term-long enrichment courses run on Tuesday afternoons for those that wish to take them.