Our ‘Buddy Scheme’ at King’s Ely Prep (KEP) is such a wonderful initiative!

Whether moving up to KEP from Acremont Pre-Prep, or joining KEP from another school, we know that things can sometimes become a little overwhelming for our Year 3s, as they get used to new classrooms, new playgrounds, and new school routines. Of course, our Year 3 Teaching and Support Staff are always there for the children, but so too are our Year 8 students…

Mrs Petherick, who is Head of PSHE at KEP, said: “Every Year 3 child has at least two Year 8 buddies, who look out for them throughout the year. This relationship is so important, obviously for our Year 3s, but also for our Year 8s, as it enables them to be role models to their Year 3 buddies and nurture this friendship throughout their last year in Prep School.”

These photos were taken during the first ‘Buddy Breaktime’ of the new academic year.

Mrs Petherick said: “With smiles as bright as the sunshine, peals of laughter and delight echoed throughout The Courtyard and The Paddock, as friendships were formed, games were played, and cookies were eaten together!

“We will continue to offer weekly opportunities for our Year 3s and Year 8s to get together, including more Buddy Breaktimes, assemblies, and various House events. The Year 3s loved the experience and, as the bell went, the Year 8s were sad to leave The Paddock and their buddies. Well done to our Year 3s, who accommodated all their new Year 8 buddies so beautifully on their playground!”

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