KING’S Ely Junior students enjoyed an action-packed Roman-themed visit to Ely Museum.

Year 6 students visited the museum on January 30th as part of their History course on Roman Britain. There were three activities for each group to enjoy, which started with a Celtic re-enactor, who discussed how the Celts produced and worked iron. He had a large number of artefacts, including an array of different arrows, which the pupils were able to admire.

‘Caius’ the Roman Optio then explained all about the uniform and equipment of a Roman legionary. He talked about the different weapons a soldier would have and discussed the Roman invasion of Britain and Boudicca’s Revolt against the Romans. He then explained who could join the Roman Army and the life they would lead. One of the pupils tried on the helmet of a Roman Soldier and all the students had a look at Roman sandals, weapons and the different types of armour they wore.

In the final activity, students had the opportunity to handle some Roman pottery that had been discovered near Ely; as well as some reproductions of objects and clothes used by the Romans. The pupils were taught about Roman toilets and were revolted at the thought of using a communal sponge on a stick! However, the Roman baths and strigil for scraping off dirt seemed much more civilised.

Head of History at King’s Ely Junior, Edward Davis, said: “This was a very enjoyable opportunity for our students to explore many aspects of Romano- British History. The pupils’ behaviour was excellent and they participated enthusiastically in all the activities.”

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