KING’S Ely Junior pupils could be found exploring London’s BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, commonly known as the Neasden Temple, on September 17th.

The visit for Year 5 students was organised to complement their Religious Studies on Hinduism this term.

Head of Religious Studies at King’s Ely Junior, Linda Hill, who led the trip, said: “After arriving at the temple, which is one of the most spectacular Hindu temples in the UK, the children started answering questions on their worksheets.

“After admiring the amazing carvings on the Teak wood of the entrance area, they learnt about how the temple was built, the materials used and the kind of workmanship that went into creating such a work of art both in the Haveli (the cultural complex) and the Mandir (the spiritual complex).

“After this, we visited the Mandir and were able to watch one of their prayer ceremonies. This was a lively event with singing, bells, candles and priests, dressed in orange, leading the prayers. Then they explored this area and another prayer hall below to find out more about the deities and to observe the carving in the marble.

“After a final session in the Haveli, where the children had the opportunity to ask questions about what they had seen, we visited the shop and café and some children tried the Indian delicacies. We stopped for a picnic lunch and a quick play at a park in Muswell Hill, before returning to school. It was certainly a fun-filled and action-packed trip!”

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