YEAR 7 King’s Ely Junior pupils visited the Beth Shalom Reform Synagogue in Cambridge.

They have been studying Judaism and the trip on January 12th allowed them to experience many different aspects of Jewish worship and culture, and they got to meet members of the community there.

The synagogue organised three sessions covering key topics such as Bar Mitzvah, Festivals, Shabbat and The Torah.

Head of Religious Studies at King’s Ely Junior, Linda Hill, said: “In the main worship room, the children had the opportunity to experience some of the Torah scrolls and learn about their history, including how they were hidden from the Nazis and how, after the war, they were rescued and made their way to England.

“They learnt a little about how Hebrew is written and read, and had a go at using a Yad to experience what it was like to read it. The lady who showed them this was from Israel and shared with us how to sing the Torah in Hebrew.”

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