KING’S Ely Junior students displayed superb teamwork when participating in an Ancient Egyptian themed architectural workshop.

Year 4 pupils are learning about ‘Pharaohs, Fortunes and Floods’ this term by looking at Ancient Egypt. They have been discovering all about the mysteries of the pyramids, which began with an overview of what’s inside them and how they were built. They then went outside and, using their measuring skills, formed a line the full 230m length of one side of the Great Pyramid at Giza to understand its scale. They were surprised to discover most of the Junior School site and buildings would fit inside it!

The pupils then followed this up with a fascinating architectural workshop in the Old Palace on January 25th. This involved the students using just dowel and rubber bands to create both small pyramids and one huge one that reached up to the ceiling. They showed excellent collaboration, working in different sized groups to create this structure and were very proud at the end to pose as mummies lying inside it!

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