THE King’s Ely Geographical Society enjoyed a trip to London’s Natural History Museum earlier this month.

They were there first and foremost to hear a ‘Nature Live’ lecture by Dr Chiara Petrone from the Earth Sciences Department at the Museum on what makes a volcano erupt, and if there is anything we can do to predict this.

Dr Petrone used photos, animations and a demonstration that one King’s Ely student was able to help with, to explain how a volcano erupts and the unpredictability of this hazard situation.

Head of Geography at King’s Ely Senior, Mrs Melville, said: “The day also included the opportunity of course for a brunch stop in the cafe, and the afternoon in the Earth Hall of the Museum, investigating for ourselves the nature, causes and impacts of earthquake and volcanic hazards around the globe.

“I am pleased to report that everyone got full marks on the plate boundaries interactive quiz! Thank you to all students who attended the trip.”

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