THANK you so much to each and every one of you who donated items to our Harvest Ely Foodbank Appeal!

Scott Mathie, Head of Year 9 and Teacher of Chemistry at King’s Ely Senior, and who oversaw the collection, was joined by a team of our Year 13 students to deliver the goods to the Foodbank and its volunteers on October 8th.

Thanks to the generosity of students, staff, families and friends of the school, we donated enough food and toiletry items to fill five cars and the King’s Ely rowing truck, which Cathy Wright, the Foodbank’s Project Director, has described as “outstanding”.

Cathy said: “Ely Foodbank sends a huge thank you to King’s Ely for the outstanding number of donations collected. Your food is certainly needed as we have seen quite a significant drop in donations recently, at a time when demand is growing. The food will be packed into parcels to help those who are struggling with the increase in the cost of living, those affected by the Universal Credit drop, and many of life’s situations that push a person to a point of needing the support of a Foodbank. We couldn’t do it without you!”

To find out how you can support Ely Foodbank, visit:

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