KING’S Ely is delighted to have welcomed back some thirty international boarders from all across the globe this week.

Despite stringent Covid-19 restrictions being in place, including students and staff living within ‘safety bubbles’, the re-opening of certain boarding houses, the return of existing international students and the arrival of new international pupils is very exciting indeed.

Yi (Judy), 15, from Guangdong Province, China, is joining King’s Ely International Year 11 in September and she arrived here on August 21st. Judy said: “My parents were a little nervous about me coming to the UK with everything that is going on across the world, but I am glad I did it and I am pleased to be here in Ely. I feel safe, I feel the school is handling things well so far and my parents are less concerned now that I have communicated with them and they have seen that I am fine.”

Raiymbek, 17, from Atyrau, Kazakhstan, is also settling into life at King’s Ely and, like Judy, is ready to join the King’s Ely International Year 11 programme next month. He said: “I am happy to be here at King’s. Despite everything that is going on, I was determined to continue with my plans to study in the UK and I am looking forward to starting my studies here at King’s, and hopefully getting good grades. My family were worried about me coming here but I know that’s only because they care.”

A familiar face who returned to King’s Ely this week is Savva, 17, from Moscow, Russia. Savva joined King’s Ely Junior in Year 8 and is about to start his final year at King’s; Year 13. Savva, who is studying Economics, Maths and Computer Science for his A Levels, said: “I went home to Moscow when UK schools closed, and I have been there ever since up until now. It feels good to be back here at King’s. Everything was arranged really well for me, and both myself and my family are pleased with how everything is going so far. I am confident that my final year here is going to be a good one.”

Gabriel, 16, from Sweden, is currently in the same boarding house as Savva. He is a new student to King’s Ely and has come here to start his A Level studies in Year 12. Gabriel said: “This is my first time studying in the UK so there is a lot to process, but it feels good to be here and I am excited for what my A Level experience here will bring. I am looking forward to musical opportunities here, as well as the sport, including rowing and cricket. I have spoken to my family since arriving here at King’s and they are pleased to see me happy and settling in.”

Kseniia, 16, says she is “so happy” to be back at King’s Ely. Kseniia, who is from St Petersburg, Russia, has been with us for four years and, like Savva, is about to start Year 13. She is studying Economics, Textiles and Psychology for her A Levels. Kseniia said: “I had a great time being back in St Petersburg with my family but I have lots of friends here at King’s so I am very pleased to be back, and I can’t wait to see them all again soon. Ely is a beautiful and peaceful place. I feel safe here, much safer than I would in a big city. The school is handling things really well in my opinion, which has definitely helped to reassure my mum. I’m really excited for my final year here!”

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