King’s Ely Senior is proud to be celebrating Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans (LGBT+) History Month UK!

LGBT+ History Month takes place across the UK every February. The campaign was founded in 2004 by Schools OUT UK co-chairs, Paul Patrick and Professor Emeritus Sue Sanders.

Celebrating diversity and equality is very much ingrained in school life here at King’s. We are a community which nurtures individuality, and embraces the fact that each and every one of us is unique.

However, LGBT+ History Month is a wonderful opportunity to reinforce the importance and understanding of diversity amongst our students, staff and families – whether that be sexuality, language diversity, racial diversity, neurodiversity, gender identity, physical ability, or more.

Members of our King’s Unity Group have organised an action-packed programme of activities and events to celebrate the campaign, including LGBT+ film screenings, themed library displays, an LGBT+ History Cafe, and an LGBT+ themed Classics Symposium, to name just a few.

The LGBT+ History Cafe was held on February 9th. Sixth Form students, Disa Hellyer, Lizzie Raynes, and Isa Holland each delivered a fascinating talk about LGBT+ figures who have inspired them, or on aspects of LGBT+ culture that have perhaps been overlooked. Disa spoke about tennis player, Billie Jean King; Lizzie talked about mathematician and computer scientist, Alan Turing; and Isa spoke about ‘ballroom culture’.

We look forward to sharing more of our LGBT+ History Month celebrations with you throughout February!

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