SIX members of the King’s Ely Bouldering Squad travelled to London on February 1st to compete in the fourth round of Blokfest at Mile End Climbing Wall.

All of our students competed in the adult category and climbed to a high standard. Some of the squad’s top results were: Ben Biggs in 56th place, Tom Biggs in 57th place, James Schoenberg in 72nd place and Freddie Hills in 80th place.

James Houlston, Director of Outdoor Education at King’s Ely Senior, said: “The boys were on fine form and were competing against more than 150 climbers, some of which were seasoned professionals.”

Being a student at a school like King’s Ely is about so much more than passing exams. While we are committed to ensuring our pupils receive the best possible education, there is a world of opportunity outside the classroom.

From climbing and mountaineering to rowing and stage craft, there are activities and challenges for every individual.

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