PENNY, a pupil at our Pre-Prep, King’s Ely Acremont, did more than just enjoy the fresh air on her daily walk on February 5th – she cleared up some litter at the same time!

Penny was thanked publicly on Spotted in Ely after a passer-by saw her in action in Ely Country Park with her mum.

Penny’s mum, Bethany, said: “Penny and I walked through the Country Park and then back to Ely along the river. Two miles in total, collecting litter along the way, which took us just under two hours. We collected a bin bag of rubbish and another bin bag of recyclables, which was very full indeed with discarded bottles and cans. We emptied the recycling into our wheelie bin at home and will put the black bin bag out with our rubbish this week.

“Penny really enjoys going for walks around Ely but she always notices the rubbish and feels quite upset and disappointed. We often talk about looking after the planet and the importance of recycling, so she was keen to do her part. She is worried about the impact of rubbish on wildlife habitats and so was very pleased to think that she was helping remove potentially dangerous objects from where birds, squirrels and hedgehogs and other animals like to live. She enjoyed working out which bag the rubbish should go into, and ensuring that anything we could recycle went into our recycling bag. She has a real passion for the environment! She was really spurred on by the positive comments she got from passers-by and is keen to go litter picking again soon. She’s even asked for a child-sized picker to make it a bit easier for her to handle!”

Great work Penny!

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