THERE were smiles all round when Year 2 King’s Ely Acremont pupils visited the Tower of London.

The children got to see lots of the capital’s famous buildings that they had been learning about at school, including the Shard, the Gherkin and the Walkie Talkie during the trip on May 17th.

Once at the Tower of London, the children stepped back in time and met the Sergeant of the Laundry, a servant who lived at the castle 600 years ago.

Year 2 Teacher at King’s Ely Acremont, Tracey Miller, said: “The Sergeant of the Laundry took us to the King’s apartment and even showed us his bedroom. Fortunately, the King was out hunting, so we were able to have a good look around his bed chamber. We learnt how expensive beds were back then and that he slept on three mattresses!

“After our workshop and lunch, we headed straight to see the Crown Jewels, meeting a few Beefeaters along the way. We were all amazed at the beauty of the crowns, orbs and sceptres. We also visited the White Tower and saw the ‘Line of King’s’, an impressive display of suits of armour and life sized horses in armour from centuries ago.

“We were all extremely proud of the children and the way they behaved. It truly was an amazing trip!”

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