KING’S Ely Acremont pupils enjoyed working in teams to unleash their engineering and creative skills.

Year 2 pupils made towers using cups and lolly sticks, towers using cocktail sticks and play dough, and took part in a challenge to make a working drawbridge for a castle!

At King’s Ely Acremont, Year 2 children broaden their knowledge, skills and experience, venturing out of their comfort zone whilst developing resilience and co-operation through problem-solving activities. Year 2 children learn German, Games, Dance and Music with specialist teachers. They also regularly use computers and iPads to carry out research and learn simple programming skills.

As the children progress through Year 2 they are prepared for the transition to King’s Ely Junior. Activity mornings and visits give an exciting glimpse of the years ahead, whilst close communication between the teachers in Year 2 and Year 3 ensures that this important transition is a very positive experience.

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