YEAR 1 King’s Ely Acremont pupils were able to soak up the sunshine during their trip to Hunstanton in Norfolk.

The trip on May 9th started with a rock pool encounter at the Sea Life Sanctuary in Hunstanton, where the children got to touch a starfish and a velvet crab. After that, they toured the aquariums, observing and learning about rays, sharks, clownfish, starfish and turtles, and they were super excited to see playful penguins, otters and seals, many of which had been rescued as lost pups.

After their picnic lunch, the children took their buckets and spades onto the beach and became archaeologists and palaeontologists, discovering rocks and fossils, as well as collecting shells, seaweed and sponges.

The children were so inspired by the sanctuary’s conservation efforts that they also went litter picking on the beach. They collected a whole bucket load of plastic, which they put straight in the bin.

Teacher of Year 1 at King’s Ely Acremont, Jo Lyall, said: “Spending the day with our friends at the beach was an amazing experience that we will remember forever!”

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