YEAR 1 King’s Ely Acremont pupils took advantage of the beautiful weather on March 28th by exploring the gardens and grounds of King’s Ely Senior.

The children started off at the Old Palace, where they wandered through the beautiful Clara’s Garden and observed the fish and frogspawn in the pond.

They then moved on to the ‘Gardeners’ Yard’, situated behind Hill House, where all of the beautiful bedding plants that students and staff enjoy around school every day are grown from seed by the school’s wonderful Grounds Team.

The children were amazed to see the hundreds of seedlings in the glasshouses, from Geraniums and Petunias to Bananas and Tangerines, and even a tiny Lemon plant growing from a seed planted on Shrove Tuesday!

The children’s adventure concluded with them becoming mini gardeners themselves as they planted a Sunflower seed in a biodegradable pot, ready to take home with home. They are now looking forward to seeing how tall their lovely yellow Sunflowers will grow!


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