YEAR 1 King’s Ely Acremont pupils were in their element when they visited Prospects Trust Unwrapped in Ely on October 2nd.

As part of their current ‘What’s Cooking?’ topic, the children headed to the ‘greengrocers with a twist’ to choose ingredients to make flapjacks.

Pupils enjoyed looking round all the lovely autumn produce in the shop and they then chose sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sultanas, raisins, dates and some jumbo oats of course.

Once back at school, they baked some delicious flapjack to share with their friends and to take home with them (if the mums and dads were lucky enough to see it!)

In 1989, The Prospects Trust at Snakehall Farm swung open its gates to new opportunities for people with additional needs on an 18-acre organic site near Reach, Cambridgeshire. The trust opened Prospects Trust Unwrapped in Lynn Road, Ely, this summer – a farm shop with a real difference.

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