YEAR 1 King’s Ely Acremont pupils could be found exploring the Ceramics Gallery at The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge on January 29th.

Year 1 Teacher Jo Lyall said: “We began by thinking about all the animals from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, a sleepy dormouse, a lizard, flamingoes and hedgehogs to name but a few.

“We searched the gallery and found some of those animals, as well as a china Alice and even a Queen of Hearts! We gathered around some tiny ceramic cups and saucers, and imagined that we had grown huge, just as Alice did….then, with an imaginary nibble of an ‘Eat Me’ biscuit, we shrunk until we were so tiny that the china owl overlooking the gallery felt enormous!

“We had some time to explore the Ancient Greek Gallery, looking at fantastic beasts such as fauns and centaurs, and then chose some sculptures to sketch. Whilst we were at the museum, we visited the Impressionist Gallery to discover some beautiful pictures by Claude Monet – so exciting after our study of his Waterlilies paintings.

“Back at school, inspired by our visit to the museum, we drew a design, before using clay to create our very own creature!”

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