KING’S Ely Acremont took part in a day’s celebration to recognise the count down to this year’s Olympic Games to be held in Brazil this week.

The Olympics take place in the summer and the children looked ahead with all year groups taking part in a ‘Road to Rio’ workshop. Each year group had a country to represent including Greece, Spain, USA, Australia and Brazil.

The day started with an opening ceremony where the children paraded the flag and presented facts about their country to the rest of the school. During the day, the children spent time learning about their country and its traditions and also took part in some Olympic game activities with the PE staff. They also learnt a traditional dance and enjoyed performing it to everybody at the closing ceremony at the end of the day.

Assistant Head of King’s Ely Acremont and organiser, Sarah Stevens, spoke about the day: “The children had an amazing time learning about the history of the Olympic Games as well as finding out facts about some of the countries taking part. They thoroughly enjoyed learning specially choreographed dance moves from their chosen country and performing them to the whole school at the end of the day.”







The Olympics begin on Friday 5th August in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with the Opening Ceremony taking place that evening.



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