AS many of you will know, one of the highlights of the Summer Term at King’s Ely is the Hoop Trundle – a fiercely-contested event which sees our King’s and Queen’s Scholars, dressed in their distinctive scarlet red gowns, racing each other while bowling traditional wooden hoops.

Due to the current situation, the event obviously could not go ahead. However, on May 21st after school, fifteen of our King’s and Queen’s Scholars played in an almost as exciting ‘Virtual Hoop Trundle’ match!

Scholars had to navigate to the barrel avoiding other Scholars, touch it and then return to the finishing rope. If they hit another Scholar they lost a point. If they picked up a tankard, hymn book or almanack on the way, they gained a point.

There were two versions of the same game; one for Queen’s Scholars and one for King’s Scholars. Scholars had fifteen minutes to use the arrow keys or combinations of them to navigate. The keys did not work as you might expect, just as hoops do not trundle as you think they do!

The winners were the King’s and Queen’s Scholars who got the fastest time. Each extra point gained an extra second off the time. Each point lost got a second added.

Congratulations to Katherine Mann for winning the Queen’s Scholar Virtual Hoop Trundle and Thomas Kim for winning the King’s Scholar Virtual Hoop Trundle!

Thank you also to Emma Bailey, our IT Teachers’ Apprentice, for her excellent realistic graphics and game design.

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