‘VIRTUAL Performance Club’ continues to be popular with our Year 3 and 4 King’s Ely Junior pupils!

Drama and Dance Assistant, Miss Hobbs, said: “Pupils have been continuing their work on the musical, Aladdin. Sessions have proven to be great fun with the students rehearsing their acting skills and dance moves. They have also had the opportunity to get dressed up and put their face paint on, which encourages them to explore their roles and characters deeper and the overall Aladdin story.”

In Drama last week, Year 4 pupils also started their directing work on the play, ‘Henry and all those Wives’.

Miss Hobbs said: “All students have come together to work brilliantly as a team and have put in real effort and a lot of hard work. Moving forward, pupils will start to introduce the use of props and costumes. Keep up the excellent work everyone!”

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