YEAR 11 students who are studying the one-year IGCSE programme here at King’s Ely Senior enjoyed an action-packed team building event!

The activities – organised by our Ely Scheme outdoor education programme staff – saw pupils working in groups to solve a series of six physical-logical scenarios, designed to encourage mutual cooperation, promote verbal communication skills and engage lateral and logical thinking skills.

Matthew Norbury, Director for International Students at King’s Ely, said: “Coming from as far as China, Nigeria, Japan, Germany, Thailand, Israel, Russia and Hong Kong, the vast majority of our IGCSE students would never have been challenged by such activities in their previous school cultures.

“Whether it was working out how ten people could cross a ‘river’ using only nine ‘stepping stones’, how to pick up a cylinder using only six lengths of rope strung out in a radial pattern, or how to transport a ball bearing across a tennis court with nine separate pieces of plastic tubing, the students grappled with both the language barrier and the problems themselves.

“Despite the frustrations, the session was immensely valuable in building bridges of friendship and collaboration, as well as solving the puzzles themselves. With sincere thanks to Mr Bray and Mr Houlston who organised and facilitated the session.”

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