We were thrilled to welcome ‘Hereward the Wake’ to King’s Ely Prep!

Hereward – also known as Rory Gibson, a reenactor from the WakeHereward Project – had our Years 7 and 8 pupils enthralled as he took them back 1,000 years, telling them all sorts of tales that have become enshrined in folklore.

A loud roar came from the back of the Morbey Hall and someone was heard shouting ‘Make way for Hereward the Wake!’. Never one to mince his words or being shy at coming forward, Hereward was immediately recruiting sturdy warriors for his renegade band to tackle the impending assault upon Ely by William the Conqueror.

After carefully selecting his warriors, Hereward began to regale tales of his exploits from his exile at 18, through to his return to Ely after becoming ‘a famous knight among the more famous’.

Mrs Amy Beck, Teacher of History at King’s Ely Prep, said: “Hereward killed a bear, he rescued a princess, and most importantly, he was the last man standing against the might of the Norman Army as they tried to capture the Isle of Ely. This Saxon rebel entertained pupils in the Morbey Hall, allowing them to handle replica weapons and even try on a helmet. He then joined Year 7 in the classrooms, where he was fully entertained by their artwork on ‘Remembering Hereward’.”

Thank you to Rory and the WakeHereward Project team for such a memorable morning!

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