HEAD Boy Felix Hawes was guest speaker at the last History Café before half term.

Felix’s presentation combined two of his greatest passions – History and Doctor Who – as he delivered an excellent talk on how History has been represented in the show.

Head of History at King’s Ely Senior, Mr Currie, said: “It was entertaining, informative and amusing throughout as Felix took us through a tour of episodes from the black and white era to the present day, pointing out how they have used, and in some cases, misused History.

“His combination of encyclopaedic knowledge and inimitable deadpan delivery was a joy to listen to. Thank you to Felix for putting together such an excellent talk and thank you also to all those who attended – it was once again inspiring to see such a mixture of year groups and staff in the audience.

“History Café is very grateful for all of the support it has received from loyal customers during this half of term. We return in the first week after half term with Mrs Jackson presenting.”

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