KING’S Ely were delighted to welcome the Guildhall School of Music and Drama’s 10-piece brass ensemble, The Grainger Brass Ensemble, into school on May 16th.

They performed a short concert to King’s Ely Junior students before making a recording in Ely Cathedral’s Lady Chapel. After that, they squeezed into Prior Crauden’s Chapel and performed a fanfare for ‘Uganda Day’.

King’s Ely Senior’s Brass Ensemble were also lucky enough to have an hour’s masterclass with the Guildhall students. Such was the quality of the masterclass that the Guildhall students invited our brass ensemble to join them in the concert in the evening!

Director of Music at King’s Ely Junior, Neil Porter-Thaw, said: “The concert, part of the 25th anniversary celebrations of our Recital Concert Series, was an absolute treat. The variety of the programme, the incredible technical ability of the performers and warmth of tone was enjoyed by an enthusiastic audience. Many pupils, from listeners to performers, gained a great deal out of the day and I am very grateful to the students of the Guildhall School of Music for coming to Ely again and sharing their talents and humour.”

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