SOUTH East Cambridgeshire MP Lucy Frazer delivered an online talk and Q&A session to our Year 12 Government and Politics students on March 19th.

In their joint report about the session, students David Keene and Johnny Pickthorn wrote: “MP Frazer spoke at great lengths about the different roles of a Backbench MP, providing a great insight into matters such as sitting on Select Committees, how to raise constituents’ concerns and her new role as a Junior Minister. This all tied in very well with our A Level course as we have recently been researching about the power of a Backbencher.

“After her presentation, we all had the opportunity to ask some questions relating to our course. MP Frazer answered questions such as whether an English Parliament should be introduced, whether she thought that the need to tow the party line prohibits her to carry out her role as an MP effectively, and how much influence she believed the House of Lords has on Government decision-making in great detail.

“Overall it was an immensely useful experience and served as a great learning opportunity for everyone. We are all so thankful to MP Frazer for generously giving up her time to speak to us.”

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