TODAY (April 7th) is National Walking Day – the perfect opportunity to tell you about a challenge that some King’s Ely Senior girls are doing to raise funds and awareness for Hope4Malawi, which is one of our partner charities.

Each House at King’s Ely Senior sponsors a child in Malawi through the Hope4Malawi charity, enabling them to go to school each day and receive an education.

But girls in Torfrida House have decided to go a step further (quite literally!) this Easter break to support the charity.

Natalie Youssef, joint Head of House for Torfrida, said: “In Malawi, it can take a couple of hours every day for a student to walk to school. We have decided to do a sponsored walk during the Easter holidays by walking the same amount of time (roughly 10 hours) it takes some children to walk to school over a week. The money we raise will go towards helping more students in Malawi to go to school and receive an education.”

Pictured are Natalie (right) and Molly Whymark (left), who is also in Torfrida House, getting in their steps!

To support the Torfrida girls, visit:

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