ENERGY, determination, resilience and team-spirit were in abundance at King’s Ely Junior’s House Athletics!

Our Years 3 and 4 pupils competed yesterday (June 23rd) and Years 5-8 are out on New Field this afternoon (June 24th).

Year 3s and Year 4s were on fine form running, jumping and throwing, with all of them eager to achieve as many points as possible for their Houses.

The final results were:

1st place – Queen Emma – 700 points
2nd place – Goodwin – 680 points
3rd place – Saunders – 670 points
4th place – Queen Philippa – 560 points

Ruth McAlinden, Director of Sport at King’s Ely Junior, said: “All our Year 3s and 4s showed great determination and support for one another. The competition was incredibly close throughout the morning, with shared podiums and tight finishes. The overall points were tied between three Houses leading into the final relay. All pupils should be really proud of their participation and efforts.

“One of the aspects which really helped the event run smoothly was the help given by Year 8 pupils. Harry Lefevre, Oliver Loveday, Ella Doherty, Eliza O’Donnell, Henry Petherick, Oliver Biggs, Isobel Guyer, Matthew Rimmer and Lucy Brett worked hard to support and encourage the younger pupils in their activities.”

Well done to each and every pupil who competed, thank you to our Year 8s and Sports Department for all their efforts, and of course thank you to our parents and families who were fantastic company throughout the morning!

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