Our Year 3 King’s Ely Prep pupils had a s-plane-did time exploring Imperial War Museum Duxford!

The trip was organised to complement what the children have been learning about in their History lessons; World War II.

Year 3 Teachers, Mrs Linda Staward and Mrs Chloe Cullum, said: “From the moment we stepped into each hangar and came face-to-face with “real planes and tanks”, the children were totally enthralled. We saw ‘The Blackbird’; the fastest jet aircraft ever made, we climbed on board Concorde – and a few other planes.

“We found out what it was like to sit in the cockpit of Battle of Britain aircraft, we met some lovely volunteers who were happy to answer our questions, and we of course took lots of photographs of ourselves in front of planes like The Spitfire and Hurricane. The day was full of fun and learning!”

What happens in the classroom is only ever part of the story at a school that is as busy as King’s Ely Prep. We have a creative and dynamic approach to education, and we seek to enrich our pupils’ experiences wherever possible. There are many trips, visits, and opportunities on offer for children throughout the academic year, all with the interest or capacity to deepen and broaden their learning!

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