THESE photos capture just some of the activities and adventures enjoyed by our King’s Ely Acremont (Pre-Prep) pupils last week (March 15th-19th)…

Children in Reception have been trying their hands (and feet!) at Gymnastics, especially developing their core strength and balance. Members of our PE Team set up an obstacle course in the school hall using benches, planks and tables. The children had to devise different ways of travelling around the course, including rolling, sliding, jumping, hopping and even walking steadily backwards along a bench! The children were also encouraged to travel under some apparatus and they produced some very creative ways of navigating the course. Everyone worked very hard and the PE team commented that they can see confidence growing with each week. The children have also been using watercolours to paint mini versions of the observational drawings of daffodils that they did, and learning about 3D shapes in Maths, pointing out and naming 3D shapes in their school environment.

Children in Year 1 have had great fun building the bridges that they spent time designing for the ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff’. They got to work on constructing their bridges – and of course testing them! All of the bridges achieved their brief of spanning a 30cm gap and not creaking. The strongest bridges were able to hold a weight of 1.5-2 kilograms! The children also built bridges in other ways – they had a visit from the Troll and the Three Billy Goats, who each gave their side of the story about what had really happened on the bridge during questions from the children. It turned out to have been a horrible misunderstanding! In Maths, the children have been exploring measure and looking at problem solving involving addition and subtraction with centimetres, while in ICT they continued their unit on Coding. Year 1 also enjoyed a trip to Acremont’s Wildlife Pond to search for signs of Spring and check on the frogspawn!

Children in Year 2 have been continuing on their journey through the African Savanna, making dioramas in a shoebox! The children worked very hard and the results were fantastic, as well as showing their teachers some wonderful collaborative working. The children also thought about the other continents of the world and the major oceans. In Art, the children experimented with Batik, and planned their own simple design, incorporating geometric and natural patterns, simple animal pictures and traditional African colours. In Literacy, they continued their Talk for Writing story of ‘Why Anansi Has Eight Thin Legs’ and began to innovate their story-map, adding in new animal characters and focusing on synonyms for ‘said’. The children ended the week by writing their own middle sections of the story, using their own character and food ideas. Maths saw the children carrying on with exploring fractions, and recognising and finding one quarter and one third of both shapes and given numbers. Some fantastic strategies were employed to show and deepen their understanding!

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