We could not be more proud of our Years 5 and 6 ‘The Wind in the Willows’ cast if we tried!

Congratulations to every single student and staff member who contributed to making the production such a tremendous success, and thank you to everyone whose ticket purchases resulted in both performances on November 23rd and 24th being sell-outs.

The production was written by Alan Bennett and directed by Patrick Wilson, who is our Director in Residence.

The show was a real trip down memory lane for Richard Whymark, Head of King’s Ely Junior, as he played ‘Mole’ in the classic tale many moons ago!

Mr Whymark said: “I could sense the eagerness, anticipation and fear in the toxic mix of excitement backstage, just prior to the first performance. Feeling the children’s sense of anticipation reminded me of all that it actually takes to perform confidently. All that learning, rehearsing, preparing, developing, improving as the cast prepare and then, all the nerves, exhaustion and courage summoned up to reach the point where an exhilarating performance can take place relies on total commitment and the mutually supportive atmosphere within the ensemble. The cast did a fabulous job as we were transported to the river bank and Toad Hall. We offer thanks to Mr Wilson for his direction and the tireless work of the adults behind the scenes too.”

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