This week is our annual ‘International Week’ at King’s Ely Senior!

With a student body made up of almost forty different nationalities, celebrating our international community and our rich cultural diversity is something we do here on a daily basis. However, International Week, which is held annually in the Lent Term, is always a fantastic excuse to fortify the importance and vibrancy of our international cohort.

This year’s International Week programme features student-led assemblies, quizzes, baking competitions, food tasting sessions, origami workshops, film screenings, and more.

These super photos were taken at our International Cabaret Concert in the Hayward Theatre on January 29th evening – an amazing celebration of music, dance, and performance, led by our Senior international and boarding students. Countries represented included China, Thailand, England, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Russia, Jamaica, and Dubai!

Mr Matthew Norbury, who is our Director for International Students, said: “Thank you to all our international pupils who study at and contribute to King’s. You make our community such a rich, diverse, and rewarding place to be.”

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