Our Festival of Reading at King’s Ely Acremont Nursery and Pre-Prep was jam-packed with mystery, imagination, magic, and creativity!

Instead of just celebrating World Book Day on March 7th, in typical King’s fashion, we decided to go all out and relish in all things books, literacy, reading, and writing at Nursery, Pre-Prep, and Prep from March 4th right the way through to March 8th – and the children LOVED it.

These photos capture some of our Festival of Reading adventures at Nursery and Pre-Prep – storytelling and Gruffalo challenges at Ely Library; a visit from best-selling children’s author, Alexandra Page, who ran exciting workshops and shared oodles of writing tips; story time around the campfire and in the Round House with Ms Gervasio; and ‘Friendly Folk’ treasure hunts and pop-up fairy house villages around the garden.

Of course, World Book Day itself was a huge hit! The effort that all our children, families and staff went to with their costumes and accessories was extraordinary, with everything from Spider Man to Snow White and Robin Hood to Rapunzel represented. Enjoy the full gallery here: Gallery: World Book Day celebrations at King’s Ely Acremont Nursery and Pre-Prep – King’s Ely (kingsely.org)

A mysterious scroll was also discovered in the Round House, covered in strange markings. After some careful decoding, the children learnt that the markings were written in ‘Old Elvish’! Their task was simple – ‘Keep the magic alive’! With this in mind, pupils’ creative juices flowed as they got to work on designing their own fantastical beasts, detailing their key features and of course, ensuring that they had wonderous names.

The festival also saw King’s Ely Senior’s Heads and Deputy Heads of School visiting the Nursery to read to the children; our Year 2 children popping over to the Library at King’s Ely Prep and enjoying fantasy fiction scavenger hunts with Year 7 pupils; and Year 6 pupils visiting Acremont House for some treasure hunt fun and storytelling in the garden.

Mrs Faye Fenton-Stone, who is Head of our Nursery and Pre-Prep, said: “It is very often said that Acremont never disappoints. Last week was no different! The children were immersed in a range of creative and imagination-inspiring activities. With trips out into the local community and visits from our friends at the Prep and Senior Schools, we created a bubble of mystery for the children to enjoy and hone their enjoyment of reading!”

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