King Henry VIII impersonator, Good King Hal, paid King’s Ely Prep a visit to help enrich our Year 4 pupils’ current History topic – The Tudors.

With his imposing figure, booming voice, and wicked humour, Good King Hal (also known as Mike Farley), had the children enthralled as he taught them all sorts of fascinating facts about Tudor times.

Our Year 4 classes dressed to impress, they listened to authentic Tudor music, they tested their strength in a thrilling toe wrestling competition, and the energy in the Morbey Hall was electric as they cheered on their peers in a mock jousting tournament.

What happens in the classroom is only ever part of the story at a school that is as busy as King’s Ely Prep. We have a creative and dynamic approach to education, and we seek to extend and enrich our pupils’ learning at every opportunity. There are many special trips, visits, workshops, and opportunities on offer throughout each term, all of which are carefully planned to deepen and broaden the children’s learning.

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