THE Plus Twos staff at King’s Ely Acremont Nursery have been following the children’s interests in flora and fauna.

During Garden Day, the pupils were excited to see some blossom on the playground trees. They carefully took some photographs and a small cutting of flowers to take inside to show their friends! This led to the children wanting to plant their own flowers and maybe even try to grow their own tree. The children and staff discussed in length what they might need in order for a flower, plant or even a tree to grow.

Inside the classroom, the children have also been participating in a range of exploration and artistic activities based around flowers. They have enjoyed painting their own representations of flowers, using an arrangement for reference. The children then used the arrangement to explore and investigate the petals with their senses and they used a magnifying glass to take an even closer look…

Children have a natural desire to explore, communicate, create and learn. At King’s Ely Acremont Nursery, we provide ample opportunities for them to practise and develop these skills, both inside the classroom and in our beautiful garden. Play activities are carefully planned to develop creativity and problem-solving skills, build knowledge and self-confidence, and encourage co-operation, innovation and risk-taking.

The teachers follow the lead of the child, listening, observing, and questioning when appropriate, to extend the play experience and enhance learning.

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