WE said an emotional goodbye to Nick Huntington, our Director of Drama and Theatre, this term.

He and his partner, David, are moving to Berkshire as Nick is taking over as Director of Drama at Wellington College.

Nick first arrived at King’s in November 2007 as Actor in Residence. He was with us until 2011, when he left to start a leadership role in London, but he returned to King’s in 2013 as Head of Drama and Theatre.

During his time at King’s, Nick has produced and/or been involved with a whopping 60 productions, of which he has directed 26!

When asked what is his most memorable production at King’s, Nick said: “There have been so many fantastic productions that it is difficult to single any one out. Telling the Sixth Form cast of ‘Education, Education, Education’ in March 2020 that the show they had worked so hard on would be cancelled due to lockdown was devastating for me. It was dress rehearsal night, and we decided to quickly pull in as many parents and pupils/staff to watch it before we closed, and it was an incredible moment to watch the pupils perform their hearts out knowing it would be their last performance, and the last time they were going to see their friends for a considerable period of time. Other memorable productions were ‘Seussical’ at King’s Ely Junior, for the very fact that it was the most challenging thing I have ever tried to pull off, as well as ‘Made in Dagenham’, for the most amount of fun! One last experience I shall never forget is watching ‘Ugly Youth’, our 5-star Edinburgh production of 2019 (‘what I wrote’) in a packed and sweaty venue and thinking – I love my job!”

Nick’s first production at King’s was ‘The Wizard of Oz’ in 2007. ‘Wendy and Peter Pan’, which was staged this term by a talented Year 9-11 cast, was his 60th and final production here.

When asked what he is going to miss most about King’s, Nick said: “There is only one answer here, and that is the students. There are some pupils in my A Level classes that I have been teaching since they were in Year 5 and having seen their progress to this point, it is a little tricky to say goodbye, particularly before they finish their courses. Leaving half-way through the year is not ideal, but I know they will be in good hands and they will succeed in their education and beyond. I wish all pupils I have taught in classes and productions the very, very best, and I hope one day to return to sit and watch a show without chewing off my fingernails in trepidation!”

When asked to describe King’s in three words, Nick said: “Spirited, busy, creative”.

Thank you for everything Nick, and best wishes for your next chapter!

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